Bardon Winery

Ádám the winemaker thinks everyone should be made to look around in the world, to travel. And so, under the arcades of Bardon, or in a hundred-year-old room, no one should be surprised if the conversation suddenly switches to mountain bike routes in the Bükk mountains or a Thai trekking tour and then to Matchu Pichu while the Ode to Joy fades out in the background.

Meszes Major Kft.
3932 Erdőbénye, Kossuth u 39.
Tel.: +3620 451 4720


16/08/2019 Friday

All day Ping Pong

21:00 Dynamite Dudes concert

17/08/2019 Saturday

All day: Ping Pong

13:00 Readings of poet Judit Ágnes Kiss
16:00 Alexandra Pádár and Lilla Dakos Duo concert


– specialty coffee
– ice-cream truck
– vineyard tour


A Leves


Breakfast (Friday-Sunday) 8:00-11:30

Countryside gourmet breakfast plate:
eggplant cream, cheese spread, spicy homemade liver paté, homemade baguettes, veggies, mangalica sausage.

Lunch (Friday-Sunday) 12:00-
– Vietnamese mangalica PHO
– Cold cherry soup
– Raspberry soup, mascarpone, oreo
– Smoky lecsó (ratatouille), Zemplén cheese, homemade bread
– Caribbean bowl from the smoker: Jamaican jerk chicken leg, grilled corn, homemade salad, pineapple salsa, bbq sauce, fresh coriander, chili, homemade bread