Ábrahám Winery

They said it about themselves – it’s not my invention. This is what it’s like when two philosophers make wine and we get to drink it. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche sometimes sit in the courtyard, under the pergola, swearing as they play cards, as the bottles around gradually empty. Their favourite is Drágaság (”My Precious”), it might not speak their dark tongue of Modor, and actually they could never have heard of Tolkien either. Sometimes Béla Fehér and Ernő Szív pop in, at least into Robi’s monologues!

Ábrahám Winery
3932 Erdőbénye Rákóczi u. 1.
Tel: +36 70 570 8496, +3670 365 9087
E-mail: enikoabraham@gmail.com