Illés Pince

Illés Cellar

3932 Erdőbénye, Kossuth St. 1.


Oroszlános Wine Restaurant


Thursday 11th August 2016

22:00 Innergarden

Friday 12th August 2016

17:00 Nyugat Plusz: Rock, with a pinch of contemporary literature…

Saturday 13th August 2016

15:30 Vörösfenyő
20:30 Meszecsinka Duó

Throughout the festival:

Visit the cellar labyrinth
Press your own (pressing fresh grape juice by hand)

According to BorBoy

Tradition, tradition, tradition – all the beauty of old school methods of wine making in one place. Strongly recommended for all modernist wine drinkers. And the cellar visit is also a special experience! – BorBoy


Illés Cellar

3932 Erdőbénye, Kossuth St. 1.
Tel./fax: +36-47/396-102
Mobil: +36-30/239-1018