Karádi-Berger Winery

Karádi-Berger Winery

3932 Erdőbénye, Hunyadi u. 21.


Friday 07.07.2017.
10:00- Jazz garden. Records for sale. LP Corner – lpcorner.com
15:00 Peppino the Clown
16:00 Easy Jazz. Viktor Tóth plays jazz and talks about its origins – Registration required
22:00 Butterfly effect concert  (jazz, folk- with a touch of classical music)

Saturday 08.07.2017.

09:30- Freshly baked biscuits and coffee: Dynamo Bake – dynamobake.com
Jazz garden. Records for sale. LP Corner – lpcorner.com
10:00-18:00 Búzavirág Foundation. Painting ceramic necklaces.
14:00 The French in Tokaj. A talk with Mathilde Hulot, Samuel Tinon, Laurent Comas and Dani Ercsey, editor in chief of Winesofa (www.winesofa.eu
17:00 Rutkai Bori Banda
19:30 Bormámor Night with Evelin Tóth, Anna Szabó T., György Dragomán. Erdőbénye wine songs
21:30 DJ LPCorner – lpcorner.com

Sunday 09.07.2017.

09:30- Freshly baked biscuits and coffee: Dynamo Bake – dynamobake.com
 Classical music in the garden. Records for sale. LP Corner – lpcorner.com
10:00 Wine for sale
10:00 Geocaching. A lecture for Muggles
11:00 Geocaching race: geoboxes of Erdőbénye. Finish – by 14:00




– How long have you been working with wines?
We started winemaking in 1999, first as a hobby. Then we bought a house in Erdőbény and more land to add to our first half hectare. Gradually we realised that this couldn’t be done as a hobby any more, only with complete attention. For a while we still lived in Budapest and regularly went to Bénye, as many still do today. But we have been living in Sárospatak for six years.

– What links you to the wine and the land?
Szilvi comes from the Zemplén, not from the Tokaj Wine Region, but from Háromhuta, a small village in the middle of the hills. It was because fo her that I got to know and love this region and that is why both our family names are in the winery name.

– What do you do beside the winemaking?
Alongside full-time organisation of Bor, mámor, Bénye festival…

– Why do you love Erdőbénye?
Erdőbénye is a village with old houses and beautiful gardens set in stunning natural environment. It still captivates me after all these years when I see the silhouette of the village nestled in the valley from a nearby hill. I reemebr when I first saw it it seemed such a fairy-tale place where time had stopped and only traces of the former wealth were visible. Luckily then many thought – and we too -the same… Now, after 10 years of renovations it has become much prettier and the heritage of the former market town is appearing from the ruins.

Karádi-Berger Winery

The Karádi-Berger couple started winemaking as a hobby in 1999 and soon realised they could only do it full time. from half a hectare they increased their estate which they tend alongside full-time organisation of the Bor, mámor… Bénye festival.

For the festival they have prepared a lighter selection: a light and fruity Furmint-Hárs; the elegant Furmint Palandor; their Dry Szamorodni, a true Tokaji classic in a modern form; the light, sweet garden wine Summer Wine, and the sweet Botryrtis Selectio.


Karádi-Berger Winery
3932 Erdőbénye, Hunyadi u. 21.
Telefon: +36 70 615 4797, +36 70 615 4793