Préselő Pincészet

Préselő Winery

3932 Erdőbénye, Kossuth u. 23.


A beautifully renovated winemaker’s house in the heart of the village with great cellars deep underground. Modern wines in the garden and warm hospitality from the welcoming Préselő team – all guarentees for great tastings.

Where did the name “Préselő” come from?

“When we founded our winery in 2013 in the Tokaj Wine Region, in the centre of Erdőbénye, we discovered this old winemaker’s house that we tried to renovate stylishly into our estate centre. In the neglected house we found a superb heritage double basket press made in 1905 that now stands in the main spot in the garden … and that we are named after.”

What links you to wine?

The members of the Préselő team – owner Zsolt Nagy and his wife Gabi, along with Árpád Zöldi-Kovács – has been involved with grapes and wines for one and a half decades. I came from a different wine region, and, alongside my work as an international consultant, I started “small”, while our estate manager and winemaker Árpád was estate manager of a local winery until 2013. That was when we made our first joint Préselő vintage for which Gabi as a wine expert provided the subtle tuning of flavours. The three “Préselő team members” complement each other well in everything from vineyard work through the cellar to tasting table. The quality and elegant, clean style of our wines are provided by the cooperation between the expert knowledge of local conditions and a perspective with world experience.

What kind of winery did you create?

“We cultivate around 8 hectares in our vineyards which have different aspects and are located around Erdőbénye. We make some 9000 bottles of wine annually. As well as elegant dry wines from typical Tokaj varieties we have serious Aszú and sweet late harvests crowning the range. And, because we love exciting things, this is already the fourth time we have made sparkling wine, and even bottle-aged Pezsgő… “

What wines are you preparing for BMB?

“Our Tokaji wine mantra – Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály ….dry, elegant, friendly. As well as still wines we will be presenting our Bényei bubblies: fizzy and sparkling Pezsgő … and as a true summer surprise we’ll have an upper Hungary rosé from the nearby hills!”

Préselő Winery and Guesthouse

We’re right in the centre of the the village so you can leave your car for the festival and walk between the venues with glass in hand. Vera Jónás will perform in the garden of the guesthouse – so you can even lean out of your bedroom window to enjoy the concert! Wines, films, cooking in the garden – all in the heart of the village at Préselő Winery!


Erdőbénye, Kossuth u. 23.
+36 20 310 2669
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