Bor, mámor… Bénye 2020

Q: Will Bor Mámor Bénye happen this year or not?

A: Definitely yes. The wineries will open their gates, look forward to good conversations with the guests and are carefully organising events for their visitors, culinary, music and visual experiences. For us, the essence of Bor Mámor Bénye is shared experience and togetherness. It always was – and if you think so too, then you won’t be disappointed this year either.

Q: When will it be?

A: 14-16th August 2020: Friday-Saturday-Sunday, when most winemakers in the village are open to visitors, but there will be wineries who are open from Thursday afternoon, evening. You’ll find details on the website – with the opening times of individual wineries.

Q: But what about current virus regulations?

A: We are constantly monitoring the changes. According to the current regulations, hospitality venues with a capacity of less than 500 people (of course, in compliance with the current health regulations) can open and can hold an event. The winemakers of Bénye have unanimously undertaken to do and organize everything in their land, in accordance with their own responsibilities and opportunities, to provide the maximum experience and safety to the visitors in the present situation. We ask all visitors to do the same: behave according to the rules of common sense and precaution, both in the wineries and in the village/accommodation.

Q: So how will this year be different from other Bor Mámor Bénye festivals?

A: The most striking difference is from the side of the organisers. There is no central organisation or finance. All the wineries provide what they can in their space. Naturally we’re in contact with them all the time and making arrangements so that the events don’t clash and are publishing them on our website. Visitors can find out everything from the website and the FB. There will be posters for the festival so you can find out about all the info for the events and opening times.

The other big change is there there won’t be an entry ticket system so roads won’t be closed.

Q: Does that mean I’m free to go anywhere?

A: The short answer is yes, as long as the particular winery is open (and you follow local and health regulations – in short, you have normal social behaviour).
Tasting will only be able from the tasting glasses available in the wineries. The glasses are provided by the wineries, can be used at any location and every day, and will cost 2,000 forints. (This is a new, better shaped and sized glass, not the glasses from previous years – we hope you will like it too!) By purchasing the glass, you contribute to the winery’s organizing costs – this year, the venues will have to fund everything for themselves without subsidies or tickets!

Q: And what about camping?

A: Camping has been allowed by the village council. They gave us access to the land and to the amenities (toilets, showers). (Thank you!) As it’s capacity is limited, please register at info@bormamorbenye.hu.

Q: And transport?

A: As we said above, this year is different as there is no ticket system, traffic reductions or diversions. We ask everyone to leave their car in a side road after you arrive or at the football pitch and then to walk around. It’s so much nicer not to have to struggle through traffic. And it’s better for drivers too if you don’t have to force your way through. As in previous years, taxis are available and we encourage everyone to join our FB car-share group. And of course you can come by bike.